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Motivate Package

Dietary Analysis and Motivate Package


The Motivate Package is designed for individuals who wish to precision tune energy and nutrient intakes.  This package is generally suited to individuals who already have a good foundation diet in place but wish to improve their diets further to support sports performance/ training and optimum health. The monthly contact and feedback is designed to give you ongoing and consistent tailored support, monitor progress and allow changes to your diet to be implemented gradually over time to assist in achieving your goals.  Paula uses professional diet analysis software (Nutritics Professional Diet Analysis) to assess your nutrient intake. 

Included in the monthly package:


  • Professional diet analysis report

  • Monthly Nutritional Therapy feedback report and Action Plan

  • 2 x phone support or email contact (@15 minutes per contact)


                                      £50 per month


It is essential that individuals attend an initial face-to-face consultation (see Fees and Packages*) before starting the Motivate Package. This is to obtain a detailed Nutritional Therapy case analysis of your health, symptoms, diet, nutritional intake, activity and lifestyle trends, which is fundamental to informing and planning your personalised Motivate Package. 


*All package fees are exclusive of supplements and diagnostic tests.


**Packages must be paid in full at your first consultation, or in the case of existing patients, at the first consultation included within the package.  See cancellation policy. All consultation should be taken within 12 months of package start date.  

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