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About The Consultation

Once you have booked your first Nutritional Therapy appointment you will be emailed an information package. Please complete the forms which are included as attachments and bring them with you to your consultation. They are:


  • Nutritional Therapy Health Questionnaire.

  • 3 day food diary 


At the initial consultation, Paula will gather further information about your personal health goals and take a detailed health and medical history, health screen and assessment of your dietary and lifestyle habits. She will then work with you and your unique lifestyle requirements to make diet and lifestyle recommendations tailored to support your health goals.


At your first follow-up consultation, Paula will review your progress with diet and lifestyle recommendations.  You will receive your personalised Nutritional Therapy Action Plan and recommendations for supplements (where appropriate). Dietary and nutritional imbalances indicated through your case analysis will be explained to support your understanding of how diet and lifestyle changes could promote health. You will be fully involved in making decisions to endeavour to provide you with realistic and achievable diet and lifestyle recommendations that suit your lifestyle.  If you are taking prescribed drugs, supplements will be checked for potential undesirable interactions with your medication.


In certain cases non-invasive laboratory tests may be recommended. The reasons, costs and potential benefit to understanding underlying imbalances of relevance to your case analysis would be fully explained to help you to decide if a test may be appropriate for you. Examples of the range of functional analysis patients may choose to have are:


  • Stress profiles

  • Cardiovascular profiles

  • Gut function, microbial and parasitology analysis

  • Hormone profiles



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